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GraphLock - Graphing Calculator App | NewsWatch Review

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AppWatchHave you ever taken a class that requires one of those expensive calculators? You know, one of those calculators that costs over $100 and you may only need for one class. Well, almost anyone who’s taken an Algebra course has. That’s where GraphLock comes in.This is an app created by Mallory Dyer, a Mathematics professor at Central Arizona College. She saw the inequality that comes with asking students to pay for a calculator – on top of books, tuition, and everything else a student or parent has to pay for, especially when almost all students already own a phone. Well the GraphLock app works like any ordinary scientific or graphing calculator. But when it comes to using it in class or during a test or quiz, the app can be put in lockdown mode which disables all the phone’s functions – so no calling, texting, or surfing. In other words, no cheating. The teacher can monitor the class and see if students try to access other functions within the phone. So, not only does it work as a graphing calculator, but also as a classroom monitoring tool. Students can use this app for high school and through college without laying down the big bucks for a calculator that they will probably never use again after those classes. Or the hassle of trying to sell that clunky thing after they are done.

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