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BEAKER - Chemistry Experiment App | NewsWatch Review

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AppWatchChemistry is an exciting subject that students love to study. Mainly because they get to see things fizz and bubble and eventually blow up. But there are certain rules, regulations and safety issues that put constraints on the subject. This is where the app BEAKER comes in.This one-of-a-kind science-based app, developed by the award-winning app studio THIX, allows you to see chemical reactions in real-time – but without the safety concerns. There are hundreds of chemistry experiments you can conduct right through BEAKER with over 200 chemicals to choose from. You can combine chemicals together, ignite them, heat them, and shake them to see what kind of magic you can conjure. And all of it without the need for goggles, rubber gloves, lab coats, band aids, or burn kits. If at any point you need additional equipment to try out a new experiment you have the choice to make in-app purchases of other tools like a blender, cooler, separator, filter or a meter. THIX has another more advanced app, CHEMIST, which creates a comprehensive virtual lab for those really serious about chemistry.

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