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Circuland - Fun, Educational Games for Children | NewsWatch Review

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If you are a parent, you are probably always on the hunt for fun and educational games for your kid. While there are a lot of them, it can be hard to find ones that are educational and actually fun for your kid. Well, look no more, because we have found the perfect app that combines learning and fun. Circuland is an educational game story that was designed to teach little kids words, shapes, numbers, colors, and concepts.This is a game that will teach kids while they interact with the world within the app. In the Circuland world, circles of all colors and sizes live together in harmony. When a family of shapes visits the town, they have the opportunity to learn a lesson in friendship and inclusion. This teaches them the basic concept of diversity, respect, and acceptance. Kids also learn to identify basic shapes and colors, they interact with actions and characters, and even touch words at the bottom of the screen to learn how to pronounce them. The design of the app was meant to be bright and colorful to appeal to children.So, do you think you want to try out this game with your child? Right now the app is free, but there is a 99 cent in-app purchase which will add four great games to the story. If you ask us, four educational, fun games for 99 cents is a pretty sweet deal. The games include identifying basic shapes, counting numbers up to ten, identifying colors, and differentiating between the concepts of up, down, left and right. You can download Circuland on your iPhone and iPad by going to the App Store today.

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