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Muzeit - Music Sharing App | NewsWatch Review

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App ReviewThese days we use our smartphones for so much more than just making calls – we can stay up to date with our friends on social media and listen to our favorite music. So why not combine these elements in one app? Check out Muzeit.Muzeit’s mission is to connect music to people and people to music. This fuss free music discovery app provides you with recommendations of music that you might want to listen to; all based on your friends’ music libraries. You can then browse your friends’ libraries to discover new songs, artists and genres. Once you see something you like you can just download it right then and there. You’ll learn more about your friends’ music tastes and who you connect with on a musical level. Start following friends and get prioritized updates on their activities inside the app for the ultimate curated and personalized experience. If you have a song you think someone would like, you can send it through the inbox feature or share it on any social media platform. But we know you like your privacy as well so if there’s a song you want to listen to without anyone knowing, you can hide it from public view. For instance, those guilty pleasures that we all know and love but wont admit to like

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