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Annoying Brain - A Fun Puzzle Game | NewsWatch Review

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App ReviewAre you ready for an addictive mobile game that will challenge and excite you at the same time? We know that finding a game that is both educational and fun can be hard. Well, we saved you some time and found one. Just go check out the app, Annoying Brain. Annoying Brain is an educational puzzle game that will seriously keep you coming back for more.It's simple, but don't be deceived by it's appearance - it can get difficult. When you start the game you are presented with a few simple directions on how to play. Pay attention closely to these instructions. Like we said, this game is fun but super tricky. Annoying Brain quickly displays color-related clues on the screen, forcing you to respond within three seconds. It starts off easy with just a few choices, but soon you will find it getting harder as your mind starts to boggle at the variety of options being thrown at you. Win or lose, it is all up to how on point you are and how fast you can find the correct answer. This game might get annoying, but it will do its best to exercise your brain, making you sharper in the process. Pretty cool, right? It will help you learn to work hard and answer questions quickly under pressure to become a true Annoying Brain master.Think you are ready to really test your brain? Right now the Annoying Brain app is available in thirteen languages for free on both iOS and Android devices. Head to your app store to download it today.

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