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Yogeze - Desk Stretching App| NewsWatch Review

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App ReviewWellness programs in the workplace greatly assist both employees and employers. Employees experience an uptick in energy and morale while employers see a drop in absences and medical costs. Johnson and Johnson estimate that their wellness programs have saved them about 250 million dollars in the last decade. Well here’s a simple app that can help you exercise and improve yourself while at work, home, or anywhere. It’s called Yogeze.This app shows you stress relieving movements that won't interrupt work flow, because you don’t have to leave your chair. By using the app and its exercises routinely, you can relieve tension, fatigue and stiffness throughout the day. Start by selecting a trainer who will guide you through 1 of 10 different exercises. Each exercise is low impact, simple to do, and eases the mechanism that stores stress. Then you set how often you want to do these yoga exercises throughout the day or week. A reminder will pop up and let you know what stretch or exercise you need to do. Yogeze is owned by Backeze and together they not only emphasize the importance of stretching but also how good posture can effect every aspect of your life and vice versa. They also have a great list of workstation tips on their website that include:Keep a neutral position where the forearms, wrists and hands are in a straight line. Feet flat on the floor is optimal for not allowing tension to accumulate. Keep arms and elbows relaxed and close to the body. OSHA recommends sitting 20-40

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