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Gingersnap – Personalized Stories and App Adventures for Kids | NewsWatch Review

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App ReviewYou’ve probably sent an “I miss you” or “Happy Birthday” card to a child at some point. Don’t get me wrong – cards are great – but what if you could send something that’s meaningful like a card but also engaging for today’s tech-savvy kids? Here’s where Gingersnap comes in.Gingersnap has launched a range of apps that allow parents, grandparent and other relatives to gift, fun and educational adventures to their kids that the adults themselves can star in. The adult downloads a Gingersnap story from the app store, customizes it, and then gifts it to the kid to access on their own device. First you pick a story, add the child’s name, and then include yourself as a character on-screen. and then personalize it to include yourself in the animation, so you appear as a character in the app. The children can then unlock their personalized app via a “smart-link” sent in e-mail or on a physical postcard. The kids get to complete challenges and solve puzzles to move the story along. At the end of each adventure they’re encouraged to take a digital picture that can be sent back as a digital thank you.According to their website:

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