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Forex Battles - Financial Gaming App | NewsWatch Review

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App ReviewIf you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be a financial tycoon and directly influence the exchange rate of currency, now’s your chance. Check out the game Forex Battle.The main goal of this fun financial game is to develop the your skills in the world of stocks. The game uses real exchange rates for Euros and the US dollar - although any stock exchange or even non-stock exchange indexes like Bitcoin or Litecoin will work as a generator of a random variable. Forex Battle offers 3 types of games. First is Single mode or going solo. This game imitates stock trading in whatever form you choose from the stock chart, this is great for practicing for the battles. Next is Battle mode where it gets really fun. This game allows you to battle it out with a real player somewhere in the world. You can both see each other’s moves and what orders are being placed. The idea isn’t to win, but to simply last longer than your opponent on the stock trading market. However, if you outlast you opponent, you can win a prize and experience. Next is the Battle with squibs. Here you have 5 instruments at your disposal with which you can influence the exchange rate. You can also climb to the top of their three leaderboards which consist of

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