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My Seizure Diary - Identify Seizure Triggers | NewsWatch Review

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Do you or someone you know have epilepsy? Epilepsy is a very common neurological condition. Today 65 million people live with epilepsy worldwide including 3 million in the United States. People with epilepsy have seizures, which are pretty unpredictable. If you have epilepsy, it is absolutely vital to have tight communication with your healthcare team and be on top of treatments to get the best possible seizure control. That is why the Epilepsy Foundation has released a free, new digital tool called My Seizure Diary.It is really easy to begin. You start by creating a profile at Then you log, track and set reminders. My Seizure Diary helps you identify seizure triggers like missed medications, stress, or fatigue that may lead to a seizure. The diary will help record medication side effects. Keeping your diary up-to-date creates an invaluable tool for you and your health care team. So that means that while you're with your healthcare provider, there's no more struggling to remember the details or digging around for the physical notebook you wrote the information in. All the information you need will be with you at all times. And with your permission, your diary data can be used for research to combat epilepsy, which could end up helping millions of people. This database may bring in more researchers to help provide new solutions to epilepsy and seizures.Ready to have an organized way to track and monitor your seizures? This on-the-go seizure tracking app is free and easy with the mobile-friendly webpage and app for Android and iOS devices. If you or someone you know suffers from epilepsy, go to to get started today with My Seizure Diary from the Epilepsy Foundation.

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