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Pixel Starships - A SciFi Strategy Game | NewsWatch Review

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App Review

If you are a big fan of strategy games and sci-fi, then you’re in luck because we’ve found just the game for you. Check out the iOS game, Pixel Starships by SavySoda. Now if you haven’t heard of SavySoda, they are Australia’s first iOS app studio. They started in 2008 with the launch of the app store and ever since they’ve made apps in all types of genres. But their main focus is games and they’re pretty good at it, considering their range of apps have been downloaded over 80 million times. And SavySoda’s Pixel Starships doesn’t disappoint.

This MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role-playing game puts you and other players on a starship as if you were the captain. Now we don’t just mean piloting the ship like other space games but we mean fully captaining the vessel. You oversee construction of the ship, you manage the crew, explore space and command full-blown space battles against other captains. So you are building and managing all aspects of your starship. The game was designed to make you feel like you’re in the world of starships and space and not just participating in a single-play game. Think of it similar to the experience of playing World of Warcraft where you’re allowed an unlimited and rich experience. And this game is called Pixel Starships for a reason. The game uses 8-bit graphics, bringing back the nostalgic fun of 90's gameplay. What’s more is that this is the only game of its kind, because it’s the very first sci-fi MMORPG game where you have full control of your starship. So whether you’re building your starship, battling with other online players, managing diplomacy, managing your crew or controlling your ship’s systems, you can expect a fully immersive starship captain experience. And this game was designed so that whether you’re a student or working in an office, you can take a break a few times a day and play Pixel Starships in 10-15 minute intervals. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t that much content; it can take months and even years to play this single game in its entirety.

It is truly a whole other world. Pixel Starships is free on iOS devices with in-app purchases. To download it head to the app store and search for “Pixel Starships” or go to

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