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EmoWatch - Analyze Your Emotions | NewsWatch Review

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App Review

Ever have a hard time understanding how other people are really feeling? What if you had a way to analyze someone’s emotional state through a simple analysis of their voice? What if that analysis was done by simply speaking into an app? Well, there actually is such an app. It is called EmoWatch. EmoWatch uses the vocal recognition technology, Empath, which was created by the Smartmedical Corporation.

Empath has the ability to identify emotions in real-time regardless of language. This technology has been already used in various fields such as mental healthcare, call centers, and robotics. This innovative technology was developed in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and the Nara Institute of Science and Technology. Empath has won both the 2015 Japan Resilience Award first prize and an excellence award at the 2015 MCPC conference. Now, EmoWatch is the first vocal emotion recognition app available for the Apple Watch. Not only does it give great information, but it is also super easy to use. All you have to do is speak into it. Once it hears you speaking, it works to analyze multiple vocal properties such as pitch and volume. It will then gauge your emotional state, letting you know whether it is positive or negative. Think that's it? It gets better with an even more detailed analysis. You will then see energy points rack up on a barometer which consists of joy, sorrow, anger, and calmness. And all this is powered by the proven Empath API which will provide real-time feedback unlike other seemingly similar apps.

Think you are ready to start analyzing emotions? To see what your emotional state is, download EmoWatch on the Apple Watch for 99 cents by heading to the App Store today.

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