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Million Asteroids

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SummerTimeStudio Vol. 12SummerTimeStudio, the mobile game development studio in Okinawa, Japan, brings you its 12th game. “Million Asteroid” is a theme-based game of the grand universe where situations change rapidly in a completely new, intuitive flash 3D puzzle game that will push your right brain to the limit!Save the forty planets from the darkness. Destroy the oncoming asteroids. Destroy them all!Enjoy the Game- All you need is one finger to play. Line up same-colored asteroids and blast ‘em all!- Destroy many asteroids at the same time and a special asteroid will appear!One special asteroid can destroy a planet!Play to be perfect! Destroy everything!There are plenty of annoying asteroids and gimmicks- The number of asteroids in the universe is limitless, and they fly around every moment. There are even volcanoes that spew meteors into space. All of these things will stand in your way as go from stage to stage.There are UFOs- Once you meet all the requirements, friends in UFOs will come to your aid!- The more friends you team with, the UFOs will come to your aid.Use “EVERYPLAY” to join others from all over the world!- One of the great elements of the game is recording while you solve a puzzle and sharing that information with users from around the world.

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