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Finger Vs Axes - Trailer

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Finger VS Axes is a funny action where you are the big boss. Use your finger to taunt the enemy. Swipe to evade & avoid its attacks. Bash and smash it on rocks when it's time! A fun arcade game featuring awesome weapon upgrades like a ball & chain, a machine gun turret, and a resistance shield. Play in multiple worlds and levels, with a progression difficulty. A small, fun and original game made to be interactive and entertaining.

? Use your finger as the boss.
? Swipe to evade & avoid the enemy attacks.
? Smash and bash the enemy when it's time.
? Shake to release its grip.
? Complete multiple levels.
? Fight a powerful tank.
? Free fall into hell.

* Optional Features *
- Buy cool weapons to use.
- Use healing powers.
- Share with your friends.

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