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Now If there's one thing we learned from attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it's how technology is connecting the planet. And a Korean company we saw at the show called DIOTEK is doing just that with their newest releases, the DioVoice, which is a voice command software, and DioNote, a note-taking app that lets you input your text with keyboard, handwriting recognition, and digital ink text. Now the DioVoice lets you control your applications and phone functions with your voice, but with significantly more control than other popular voice assistant products. With it you can access all the menus and buttons that are displayed on screen, something we don't have right now. And you can do it in English and Korean with tons of other languages in the works. And with DioNote, you can write on your touchscreen with a finger or stylus. Ink text can be deleted, copied, pasted and edited in cursor or stork unites and you can even create a mix of ink text and regular text. Even memos of taken photos can be converted into digital ink. So really connecting the planet. Now they've come out with a ton other products that will be available on your mobile devices. So to learn more about DIOTEK or their Voice or Handwriting solutions from the Mobile World Congress, head on over to today.

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