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My Products - Shop Smarter, Socially - Download Now!

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My Products helps consumers Shop Smarter, Socially - Download Now!

Connect to your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Share the products you want and own with your family, friends and networks.

My Products is the only app that helps consumers manage the things they want and own, and connects them to support from brands as well as family, friends and social networks.

This free app contains no ads or commercials; providing a simple and convenient experience for the end-user.

My Products helps consumers "Shop Smarter, Socially" by accessing input from social networks and eliciting help from friends.

Integrating social media makes it easy to see what friends have purchased; as well as their thoughts and feelings about what they've bought.

Studies have shown friends recommendations have a tremendous impact on consumer's purchase decisions; even more so than brand advertising or professional reviews.

"Today's most loved brands aren't built on traditional marketing campaigns; they are built by winning the hearts and minds of consumers, one experience - or one moment at a time" says m-ize CEO, Ashok Kartham.

"Using smarter customer engagement to market consumers at the moment of intention product companies can become trusted and valued brands."

Finding products couldn't be easier; enter product names or numbers, scan bar codes or explore categories.

Once found items may be shared with friends, maintained in want or own lists, compared with similar products, or purchased directly through the My Products app.

"We're building a social network based around products that today's smarter consumers want and own." confides m-ize CMO, Bruce Burke.

"This community supports members through every aspect of the consumer's journey; from product discovery, on through evaluation and purchase decision phases."

But My Products doesn't stop there; the app also includes support information for thousands of brands.

Users can easily find contact information of their favorite companies. Support numbers, website addresses, social media profiles and email addresses are conveniently displayed for access with just one tap.

Consumers can also favorite their brand's contact information for easy access in the future. Using m-ize Smart Channel services, brands may highlight their offerings, and raise consumer awareness of their product lines.

"My Products will continue to grow and develop with the help of our consumer community" reports CEO Kartham "We are customer-centric company that's interested in our users input, preferences and ideas.

My Products was developed to help consumers maximize value and minimize hassle concerning all the products they want and own."

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