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Camera Hoax- Daily App Show Review

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Perfect toy for pranks on Halloween, April Dool’s Day and just plain old photobomb. Ghost, alien, zombies, UFO, anything paranormal or even funny animals, this is the best place to find them. Just take a picture and add one of the real looking scary stickers. Features • Add final touches to the picture, select the best match with each picture for the best effect. • Use tools for better effects scale, flip and rotate stickers • Change and edit colors and make a blur effect to match camera's focus (works for UFOs in distance and of course with the bigfoot) • Make ghosts transparent to make them believable • Erase parts to match with the objects in the original picture. • Make your own stickers at •Share via Email, Facebook, Instagram, Flikr, Tumblr Now people will be eager to stand next to you for a chance to see a paranormal or extraterrestrial activity. Have fun with your friends or just make them believe in a hoax image that you have created. Available categories include characters from horror films (Exorcist, The Ring, Hellraiser, Freddy vs Jason, Leatherface, Halloween, Friday The 13th, Living Dead and much more). There is not only horror; you can have fun with lots of funny animals and everything that your fantasy tells you. Just let us know what’s in your mind we will add it.

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