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Eye For Color Game Play Demo

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"If you want a 'burst' of color in your life with one hell of a twist
then Eye For Color is your best bet." -

Eye for Color is an exciting and unique puzzle game. The purpose of the game is to challenge your ability to differentiate between colors of slightly varying hues and values.

Fill in a gradient of colors as quickly as possible, scoring points along the way for speed and accuracy. All while managing explosions. Easy ... right?

Play this fun and creative new game for iPhone, Available Now in the iTunes App Store.

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"Eye For Color is a nerve wracking game where only the fast survive." -

"A challenge for eyes and fingers" -

"Quite different from the norm, Eye For Color is sure to give you the burst of color you may need" -

"Intense Heart-Pounding, iPhone Puzzler!"

Features of the exciting Eye For Color game include:

* Fun puzzle game - Tease your brain with this fresh and unique color matching game
* Creative challenges - Arrange colored tiles in order as fast as you can to make a smooth gradient
* Customize your game - Choose your favorite colors and make the game more difficult as you improve
* Track performance - View high scores and try to beat your all-time best
* Share with friends - Post your success to Facebook and Twitter to show off your Eye For Color
* Game Center enabled

Brighten your day with this fun and creative new puzzle game - download Eye For Color today!

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