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Thinktank City Walker 30 Shoulder Bag: Carry iPad/Laptop With Camera and Lens

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ThinkTank City Walker Shoulder Bag
Buy Here $159

A fully removable padded insert and dedicated tablet or laptop pocket makes the CityWalker a true multiple purpose bag. With three sizes to choice from you'll be ready to head out with whatever camera system and editing tool you choose. Pull out the padded insert and the CityWalker quickly switches from a camera bag to a standard messenger bag with pockets for an iPad or 15" laptop. In either configuration the CityWalker conforms to your body making it the perfect "walk-around" bag for urban environments.

Top features:

Dedicated compartment for iPad or laptop
Accommodates a 70-200, detached
Removable main insert increase functionality and gives multiple use capability
Soft and flexible to conform to your body
Gear Profile:

Fits one standard size body w/ 24-70 attached + 2-4 extra lenses + flash + 15" laptop. Accommodates 70-200 detached

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