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What is is a completely free discovery video platform, specializing in all things apps. The platform allows mobile app developers, app owners, app bloggers, app product manufacturers, app news reporters and app enthusiasts from around the world, a specialized medium to post app related videos. This is the perfect venue to learn and discover anything and everything app related.

Is it free to post my video(s)?

Yes, it is completely free to post your video(s).

How many videos can I post on

You can post as many as you would like, again, it’s free.

Can I edit or delete my video(s) at anytime?

Yes, you can make changes or remove your videos at any time.

Why should I post my video(s)?

Why not? It’s free – the more exposure for your app, product or service the better. However, the real reason is; if your video contains app related content, you want the video on – which is an app/mobile based community. The users here want to learn about apps and app related products.

Do you host the video(s)? And what are the accepted formats?

We do not host any videos that are posted. However if you have a YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or other hosted account, then you are in luck. We accept of those formats and other hosted videos.

I have many videos that are hosted on other sites such as YouTube? Can I use those?

Yes, you can indeed – and it takes just a few clicks to import and post all of your videos if you wish.

If my video is to promote my app, can I still post it?

Yes, we want to help everyone in the mobile community reach a broader audience.

If my video is to promote a service or a product, can I still post it?

Yes, you sure can.

Will I be able to share my video post & profile page with others?

Absolutely, feel free to share it with the world.

Can I leave comments or discuss the videos I find?

Yes, below each video is a discussion area which is free of charge. You will need to use a separate login to leave comments.

Do you allow any app related content that is adult oriented?

No, we do not allow any videos that are not appropriate or may be offensive.

On the website, it says you are powered by Who is is a media company that focuses on app marketing and consumer use of app. The platform showcases apps to people who may have never thought to search for them.

How can I advertise my app, product or service on

Visit the contact us page to learn how to reach us, we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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