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Thank you for visiting, a free discovery video platform, specializing in all things apps. The platform allows mobile app developers, app owners, app bloggers, app product manufacturers, app news reporters and app enthusiasts from around the world, a specialized medium to post app related videos.  This is the perfect venue to learn and discover anything and everything app related.

Sign up is easy, quick and free to post a video. You will have the ability to showcase your video(s) if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

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If the video has content about apps, then is the place for it.

We are focused on bringing you the best, informative, entertaining and educational videos for app related content. Visitors will be able to learn about app news, releases, updates, products and apps in specific.

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  • Post app related video content.
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  • Educate potential consumers and gain exposure for your app for free!
  • Simply sift through a broad base of app related video content.


With the vast amount of apps available for users on all platforms, information about apps in general has become extremely spread out. There are a ton of videos on the Internet about apps and app related products and services, however, they are dispersed in so many different places. Most app websites specialize in specific types of apps, or are geared toward Android apps or iOS apps. aims to centralize app related videos and assist consumers in learning about new, exciting and interesting information pertaining to mobile apps, across the board.

There are thousands of new apps being released weekly, with well over 2 million apps available on many platforms. App news is constantly being released, apps are consistently being updated, written and video app reviews are frequently and new app services are regularly available.

We developed to create a hub for consumers, app developers and app enthusiasts alike to come and educate themselves about all things app related.

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